Central Heating

More often than not people are enquiring about installing a Combi Boiler in their property. We at F Gray Plumbing and Heating have been installing Combi Boilers from the very early pioneering models and have seen the performance of them improve dramatically over the years. We specialise in the fitting of Vaillant Boilers one of the current market leaders.

We can taylor a bespoke installation to suit your property to achieve optimum comfort and efficiency. We will go through all your available options for Time Clocks, Thermostats etc from simple Time Clocks to External Weather Compensators

The advantages of Combi Boilers are:
- Space saving - bulky hot water cylinders and storage tanks are removed.
- Instant Hot Water - the hot water is heated as you need it, this makes the system more efficient as you are only heating the water that you are using and there is no longer the need to wait on the hot water cylinder heating up the water.
-A shower run off this system is very powerful as both the hot and cold supplies are under mains pressure.
The disadvantage of Combi Boilers are:
-You can only use one hot water outlet at a time.

A Combi Boiler is ideal for a house with only one Bathroom and Kitchen to supply with Hot Water. In larger properties where there are perhaps two Bathrooms and an En-Suite a Combi Boiler would not be suitable as the demand for Hot Water would exceed its capabilities. In this case we would recommend a different system ie a System Boiler with associated controls and an Unvented Hot Water System, see Unvented Hot Water.

Of late gas consumers billing has started to increase in some cases by up to 25% as a result of this Condensing Boilers/High Efficiency Boilers are becoming increasingly popular. Condensing Boilers are predominately 96% efficient compared to an old Open Flued Boilers 64% efficiency, not to mention the enviromental benefits of consuming less gas.

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